Saturday, September 03, 2011

Chests and Inventory

I've been working on an inventory system in the game.  I've played with a couple different techniques and I think the best way to approach interacting with the inventory is by using a mouse.

I tried several keyboard combinations but when I did that, it hindered ship mobility.  If there's an enemy coming towards the player they should be able to quickly break free of the chest and defend themselves without having to press any extra keys.  I think the generic approach of using a mouse to click and drag things between inventory <-> chest is probably best for now.  Of course that'll have to be reconsidered for the 360 controls, but I have plenty of time before I have to make that decision.

So some screenshots.  The first set will be the chests.  Notice that when the player is in range, the chests simply sit in place.  They do not require any power and are activated much like RFID chips in that when the player nears, they turn on.  They draw their power from the player primarily.

I have 2 chests next to eachother because I was testing the approach sequence.
 The player is lined up with the chest, so the landing lights glow.

Player has landed and the chest is activated.

Now the player presses the tab key to open up their inventory and the inventory inside the chest.

The numbers below the icons will be quantity when I'm done.  Right now, they're the inventory position.
You'll also notice the building structure on the right.  I like the way Minecraft handles building objects and I'll be doing that in this game.  The next screenshot will be what the inventory looks like when the player is not docked to a chest.

I need to update the graphic so it shows the slots like the chest inventory screen does.

So that's what I've been working on the past couple of days.  I'll be spending the weekend and labor day with my wife, so I won't get much (if any) programming in.  She had to move to Texas a couple of weeks ago to take a job as an Art Teacher there because there is no work for her here.  When she visits, the computer takes last place on my priority list :]

So until next week ~

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