Friday, September 23, 2011

Thoms, Matterholes and Turrets

I've been working on the game a lot lately.  I've been primarily focusing on the bullet collision detection and working on the enemy logic.  So far I have two types of enemy.  The first one that you'll see in the screenshot below is the Thom.  They are attracted to any form of light, including the player when their light is on.  They go for your light posts, so turrets are required to protect them from being destroyed.

They know there's light there but the stupid asteroid is in the way :[

Notice the mini light posts in the top left.

The next enemy I added is the Matterhole.  They are pretty stupid and have a really short eyesight, but if they notice the player and get close enough they will create a black hole and suck in anything around them (or cause a lot of damage).  They can't float (and I'm debating making them jump).

Notice the player in the bottom right sneaking past a bunch of enemy.

Turrets attacking a bunch of Thoms.

Bullet collision graphic is way off.  Eventually the enemies will have their own 'hit' graphic.

So I've been working on that stuff primarily.  I have an official roadmap that I'm going to follow from now on. To release version .01A, the following will have to be done:

  • Bullet Collision detection is still buggy.  This must be fixed.
  • Enemy sometimes go through blocks.  I think this is due to enemy outside of the bounds of the map.
  • I want to add a little bit of gravity to the bullets
  • 360 File System support
  • Keep my eye out for the map jumping glitch.  I'm pretty sure this bug is long gone but it's on this list incase it were to come back.
I think I should be able to finish that list by the weekend and maybe have enough time to get started on .02A. That involves a lot more visual updates.