Saturday, September 10, 2011

Working Inventory, Crafting, New Block Types and More :]

It's been a busy week for AstroMiner.  This week I added 2 new blocks:  LightStone and Charcoal.  I've also been working on the dynamics of the game to make more FuelStone available.  The reason for this is that crafting + inventory is now finished.

Fuel will be used to craft certain items.
The player's 2x2 crafting grid will be limited in what it can build.  It will be used primarily to build bases or build temporary depots.  So far it can build chests and mini light posts.  Mini light posts emit a small amount of light and are mainly meant to be used as guides.  Chests are where the majority of building will happen.

Chest Crafting Table + Inventory
The chest crafting table is where all the important stuff is built.  Since the chest does not need to be powered, this will be one of the first things that a player will build when constructing a base.  Everything they build afterwards will be to protect the chest.  I have 7 different bad guys sketched out that will be attracted to certain things.  One of them will be attracted to chests, so the player is going to need to build some good sentries to block that enemy.

You'll also notice 3 slots at the top of the UI for items.  These will be your 'Active' items.  You have a set of 3 for Defense and a set for Developing.  The defense set will be the weapons you currently have activated while the developing set will be what you want to build.

I also added the ability to adjust how much light your craft puts out.

All Lights Off

Light Stage 1

Light Stage 2

Light Stage 3
If you look at the UI, you'll notice the light bars show what stage you're at.  The enemy will be attracted to light.  By dimming your light output, you increase your chances of being able to explore without being noticed by the bad guys.  This will also work if the enemy breaches your defense and is in your base.  By turning off your light, the enemy will be attracted to your light posts while you escape.

The inventory took me most of the week to complete.  Next week I'm going to focus on adding AI to the game so the player has something to fight against.  I've never really done AI for games before so this should be a good learning experience.