Thursday, September 01, 2011

Another Screenshot + Updates

Notice the little patches of dirt on the bottom.
I've added a little help screen (F1) to the game.  It's a very basic one with a listing of controls so my testers have some kind of reference.

I added a new structure type called TerraFormers.  You can see it at the bottom there.  They'll be very important later on in the game :)

When you deleted a block before, it just removed it from the world and doesn't draw it anymore.  I thought this looked kinda empty, so when you delete a block now I'm drawing a block 'behind' it.  The world looks a little more full like this since it's not just empty space.

I added the beginnings of an inventory system.  Eventually, all the blocks you eat will be put into your inventory so you can build these structures.

Lastly, I made some minor bug fixes.  I'm very close to an alpha build.  I want to finish inventory up, add some basic AI to the game so there's something to interact with, add some weapons and make more block types before I fully release it.  I won't be doing any developing at all this weekend but I'll continue to dev all this week and resume next Tuesday.

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