Wednesday, June 08, 2011

3D Meets 2D

Wanted a change of pace and an easier way to focus on AI without worrying about 3d, so I wrote up a 2d version of my game.  The nice thing about OOP is that I was able to reuse a majority of my code.

Same procedurally generated terrain that's infinite in all directions.  It's fun to explore (although not as fun as the 3d version), but I am working on adding digging up/down.  I actually have that part done already.  I just don't know how properly display multiple levels of terrain.

So anyway, nothing special about this - just a test-bed for my AI ideas and some other things I want to try.

I'll continue my AI work in here.  Once I get something implemented, I'll push it into the 3d version and post it up.

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