Thursday, February 16, 2012

Where have I been?

Still programming away, of course.  I needed a small break though.  It's really easy to get burnt out when you're programming 9-5 for work, then come home and program some more.  Every once in a while I step back and take some time off to give my brain a break.  It also lets me get a feel for what I really want to work on next.

Since our last post, I created a GPS receiver using some parts from Sparkfun.  It was pretty simple to put together and get working.  I'd like to continue working on it and turn it into something I can mount on my motorcycle for when I go on trips.

I also made an all new enclosure for Tankbot.  I ordered an Arduino Pro Mini and soldered everything into a permanent enclosure so he can live on forever (or until the plastic rots away).

Going forward, I think I'd like to split my time between working on AstroMiner and continuing with the Arduino stuff.  I rarely talk about my personal life on here, but one thing that I should mention (since it effects my programming time) is that I've taken a new job back out in Texas.  This means that I'll be leaving the awesome Kennedy Space Center and moving back out there.  That'll happen over the span of the next month, so my development time will be severely limited while I'm in the middle of that.  Once I'm done, though, I plan to start right back up where I left off.

So that's all I have for you now.  Until next time ~

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