Monday, January 30, 2012

Tankbot Stage 4

Tankie now has a servo on top that rotates the head around.  That way I don't have to move the entire thing whenever I want to detect objects.  If the bot decides that there isn't ample space to turn where it is, it'll back up ~1 foot and try again.  It'll do this indefinitely until it can turn.  I should probably add a reverse ping sensor, but that's a bit overkill for this little dude.

Next on the list is to move the reset button to the top of the bot instead of buried between all the wires.  I also want to figure out a better power setup.  Right now the Arduino and Ping run on a 9v while the motors and servo  are a 4 AAs.  This works fine, but whenever the 9v drops below 7v the Arduino's 5v out drops voltage and throws the ping off.  I'd like to see if I can fit some kind of battery from an RC car on here and powering them both from it.

I'm really happy with how this bot performs.  These tracks are awesome and the platform is real easy to work with (although a bit tight).  In my normal trend, the next "learning" step is transitioning from the Arduino Mega to a smaller Arduino Pro.  That'll cut back on a lot of weight and it's something that I'll need to know how to do for future creations.

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