Sunday, December 11, 2011

Tonight's Multiplayer Progress

Block deletion/addition has been fixed and is now working.  I've removed almost all of the client-side detection for this.  The client tells the server that it is eating and that's it.  The server tracks how much health the block has and decides when the block is considered 'destroyed'.  When it is, the server sends the client a message saying "destroy this block" and the client does it.  The server now also tells the client when to add floating items (the little boxes you see when you eat a block).  The client's job is to tell the server that the player's bounding box has intersected with the floater and that the player wants to take it.

When it comes to multiple players, it's going to come down to whose call makes it to the server first.

So anyway, lots of rambling there.  That's what I worked on all night.  Next on the list is player inventory.  That should all be managed by the server as well.  Once that's done, I'm going to start saving the player's position on the map so when they exit, they come back to the right spot.  Then I'm going to start saving the map itself.  Fun stuff.

I miss the whole creative side of this game.  I miss adding a structure and functionality to it and seeing how it interacts.  I miss toying with the AI, or even just coming up with new AI ideas.  I know this part has to be done and when it gets done it'll be well worth it, but I sure do miss all the other parts.

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