Saturday, October 15, 2011

Be careful in building your base.

Make sure you use the right blocks.. or else a Spy might get in.

3 Spies directly to the right of the player.
The spy will look for a soft block.  Once found, it will eat the block, take over its position and form a new one around it.  It is possible to detect if a spy has taken over a block because there will be a small cloud inside of it.

Once a spy has taken a block, it will stay there indefinitely.  If the player decides to mine that block, their drill will not be able to turn it into a form that is of any use.  AKA the block will not drop anything that the player can use.

The spy does no harm to the player and actually completely ignores them.

The next step for the spy is to detect if a friendly is around.  If it is, dissolve the block and let the friendly through.  Essentially, they'll be able to discretely build tunnels into your base and let the enemy in if you don't have the proper surroundings.

This is a fun enemy to have :]

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