Tuesday, August 16, 2011

New AstroMiner Screenshots

I added a whole bunch of stuff to AstroMiner.  One of the comments I got from the web version is that momentum would be more fun, so I added that.  I added a background image to fill in the black, the ability for me to single out the top blocks (for when I want to add things on top of them), a very basic UI that shows health, fuel and a momentum meter.  The momentum meter will allow the player to see how fast they're traveling in a certain direction.  If they are going too fast when they land or hit a wall, they will lose health.

Eating a block will now add fuel to your ship.  It's not enough fuel to really keep playing.  Just enough to somewhat move around.  This will make it so the player still has to build fuel depots.  The ship will also harvest fuel from the air incase the player totally runs out, but it's a very small amount and only really meant for emergencies.

Notice the meter on the top left.

I'm falling, so the meter is indicating my downward momentum.

Running low on fuel so I'm eating some blocks.
Sweet, succulent fuel is being consumed.

Anyway, I have some people doing play testing to solve a video card issue I had with the first test.  All looks good so far though.  I'll create a YouTube video soon and hopefully put a playable version up soon.

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