Saturday, May 14, 2011

New Version Released + Website

I've pushed out a new version (.0a1.0.1.4151.31367) to the testers.  The game should load faster now and take up less memory.  My Dictionary<Vector3,bool> that stored all visible cubes is now a Hashset<Int16>.  Almost as fast but a lot less memory, so it's worth it.  I also just realized that I forgot to update the version number to .0a2.

Feature-wise, you can now switch the type of block that they're adding by using the number keys.  ~ key is a hard stone, 1 and 2 are stone and dirt, 3 and 4 are water and 0 is whatever the texture algorithm picks.  I've re-enabled fog and added clouds and I've added a primitive day/night cycle.  I've created a 1x500px image file that has all the colors starting with nighttime->sunrise/set->daytime.  I load that in, pull all of those colors into a Color[500] array and dispose of it.  The day is 500 ticks long (each tick lasting a second) and I change the color of the sky by setting it to whatever that position in the gradiant is.  The file is located in the %appdata%/.r01 folder and is called skyColor.png.

Lastly, I've switched to a new server and am working on setting it all up.  Until then, the forums are down.  Hopefully I can put something pretty together by the end of the week.

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