Tuesday, February 08, 2011

So it's been a while since my first post. I guess I've been busy?

I decided to start this blog to document my adventures in game design. Video games are something I grew up with. When I first got my Commie64 clone (I forget its name), I didn't have anything to save my projects to. Everytime I turned the machine on I would have to rewrite all the code from the previous day. It was all I had for "gaming", so I would do this on a regular basis. After a while, I started changing little things here and there just for fun. 20 years later and I now work as a Software Engineer for a major company.

As for video games, I got my first gaming system from my parents in 1990. I had a bad blood disease that required me to stay inside at all times, so they got me that to help pass the time. Between the NES and the computer (I had one of those IBM clones by now), I had a lot of games to toy around with. My favorite of all of them was a game called Robot Odyssey. That game taught me a lot about programming without me even knowing that I was learning something.

Since then, I've gotten most every major gaming console and spent countless hours shooting zombies, exploring virtual worlds, flying virtual skies and racing on virtual tracks. Several years ago my friend asked me to join him in his latest gaming project: Pwned.com. I've been working on that for several years now and it's allowed me to meet some great gamers. I continue to work on Pwned to this day. I've also done some indie game development but have focused primarily on the iPhone. I've released SpeedR, vipValet and Traffic Lights.

So back to one of the first lines of this post: I decided to start this blog to document my adventures in game design. I've going to start with toying around on Unity. I've been playing a great game called Minecraft lately (trust me, do not get this game. You will lose track of your life). The concept of the game seems pretty simple, so I've decided to write a Minecraft clone in Unity. I'm currently on the 2dGameplayTutorial so I have nothing to post just yet.. but this is a good kickoff.

So until next time,

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